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WeDispatch – Features

Everything Streamlined

Jobs Report

Get insight into your operation through the jobs report. Drill down by date or job attributes to uncover insights about particular drivers, vendors or product types and identify trends by time of day, day of week and over time.

Put Jobs on Auto Pilot

Create sophisticated sets of policies to automatically assign the right deliveries to the right driver at the right time. Each job is assigned an automatic ‘Dispatcher’, and each Dispatcher is made up of as many policies as you like.

Track your drivers live

The WeBringg driver app continuously sends location updates to the WeBringg admin portal, so you can see your drivers on a map, get a birds-eye view of your whole fleet, and make real-time decisions.

Drivers App For Android and IOS

Simple Responsive App

Your drivers download the WeBringg driver app for receiving job offers, job instructions and updating the progress of jobs.

Task List

Drivers can see all tasks for the day in the order they need to be done, with simple intuitive actions

One Click Navigation

Link directly to Google maps for instant navigation from your current location to the next stop

Customer Contact

Call or SMS the customer with one tap from within the driver app

Tracking Links That Showcase Your Brand

Add Promotions

This gives you the ability to add a clickable image beneath the live driver tracking. You provide an image and URL.

Select Tracking Design

In addition to branding the look and feel of the page overall, match the design of the Google Map itself to the appropriate look and feel for your brand.

Pro Tracking

Configure the look and feel of the tracking page with custom colouring and fonts (full CSS control)