Retailer FAQ

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How do customers track their package?

Customers receive a text message with a link as soon as a driver starts their delivery. They can then track the driver in real time on a Google map style web page where the estimated time of arrival is displayed

Is there any cost involved?

There is no cost to set up an account. Retailers only pay for deliveries made. We charge a flat rate of €8.59 per delivery within 10kms and €1.35 per kilometre thereafter

How soon are orders delivered?

We ensure that an order is delivered within 90 minutes for retailers, and 20 minutes for restaurant delivery service

Are goods insured?

All goods are insured up to €50, we provide industry standard insurance. You can also take another policy if you are sending high value goods

Can anyone become a WeBringg driver?

Anyone that has passed our multi-tiered screening which includes: detailed background checks, video training, driver’s licence, insurance and registration verification, driving history checks and proof of their dependable vehicle

How do you collect payment?

For enterprise we invoice weekly and for small and medium businesses payment can be made online via credit card

Are there weight/size restrictions?

For car deliveries a max of 16kg applies. For van deliveries a pallet.

How do your drivers identify themselves?

Drivers receive an ID that they have to keep with them at all times when delivering a package. Their WeBringg drivers app will also display all of the delivery data the retailer has uploaded