Since the beginning of 2018, WeBringg have seen a splurge in business, recruitment and opportunities internationally. Darragh Hickey, Market Development Manager for WeBringg has been working with the company since the early throes and has grown alongside it. As WeBringg have recently turned two, Darragh Hickey spoke briefly about his time with WeBringg and the growth the company has seen in the past two years.


Darragh started his journey with WeBringg as a part time employee in order to earn extra income in the Winter of 2016, “I had previously worked in a wide variety of businesses that ranged from 250 staff members to about 5 staff members.” Darragh said, “After a couple of months of working part-time with WeBringg, I was offered a full-time position as a Dashboarder. I was again promoted to my role as a Market Development Manager within the first year of my recruitment with the company.”


In the beginning stages of WeBringg launching its services in Dublin, the company housed very few employees. WeBringg has seen a recruitment growth of 575% since it’s launch in 2016, WeBringg now employs 27 people, with plans to increase this to 35 employees by the end of 2018. Darragh started with WeBringg long before the growth in staffing and has watched as the company expanded into the UK, Australia and New Zealand. “The growth pattern that WeBringg has seen over the last two years is simply meteoric,” Darragh said, “I really found with WeBringg that they want their employees to do well and they assist their employees in order for them to grow with the business.”


The role of Market Development Manager, Darragh explained, is that of a “Jack of all trades”. His role includes marketplace development, administration, sales, dashboard duties and customer relationship management. “I find the startup environment extremely challenging and mentally stimulating,” Darragh expressed, “The get-up-and-go attitude you need to work with WeBringg drives for a great workplace environment, it feels really good.”.


WeBringg has now begun planning for expansions internationally into a fifth and sixth country. As the recruitment process continues and you are interested in working with WeBringg keep an eye on the Facebook page here and the company blogpost here.