WeBringg was named winner of the Aer Lingus TakeOff Foundation Start-Up Awards on May 4th 2018. The Aer Lingus TakeOff Foundation teamed up with the Fingal Dublin Chamber and the Local Enterprise Office in Fingal to award three talented business owners the opportunity to expand their reach internationally. The initiative targeted startups based in Fingal who had been trading for over 18 months but for no more than three years.


WeBringg offers retailers, small businesses and restaurant partners same-day delivery with a large team of crowdsourced drivers, turning traditional 2-3 day delivery into 90 minutes. “Aer Lingus wanted to support startups in Fingal,” said Alan Hickey, co-founder of WeBringg, “It was a really interesting category to be in, we had essentially been shortlisted with companies we had been toe to toe with for the last number of months in the IBYE competition.”


The prize package received by each winning start-up consists of a number of European and long-haul international flights with Aer Lingus and a business mentoring with key staff members across a large range of Aer Lingus business departments, along with exposure in the airline’s magazine, Cara. “When you are a globally focused company like WeBringg, you can very quickly underestimate costs and challenges,” said Alan Hickey, “When we heard about the Aer Lingus TakeOff Foundation Start-Up Awards, we were excited at the thought of plugging into key executives in Aer Lingus to help expand WeBringg and the flights will really help us with that process.”


“Aer Lingus is an Irish brand but it’s market is global,” Alan Hickey said, “I think they saw a start-up based in Fingal who has similar global focus but a far earlier stage and I imagine that was one of the winning factors.” WeBringg currently operates in Ireland, The UK, Australia and New Zealand with plans to expand into further countries rapidly. “WeBringg is a total volume game and land grab, we’re not at the races if we are not thinking ‘new city, new city, new city’ all the time which correlates with Aer Lingus.”


Alan Hickey, co-founder and Sean Murray, co-founder of WeBringg will be attending the Mentoring day on June 22nd and the lasting effects of winning in the Start-Up Awards with the TakeOff Foundation for AerLingus have not worn off, “It was truly a great opportunity to win a prize like this and to be associated with Aer Lingus, arguably the largest international company Ireland has ever produced.”


WeBringg have recently been named winner of ‘Best Start-Up Business’ in Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur, you can check out our blog post about it here.  WeBringg have also entered the National Enterprise Awards which will take place on May 25th.