Becoming a self-employed driver, rider or courier is increasing hugely internationally as e-commerce rises.


A huge benefit of becoming a self-employed delivery driver is the ability to choose your own workload. You can arrange your career around others aspects of your life. Many people shudder at the thought of being stuck indoors surrounded by the same walls all day, everyday. Driving, cycling or riding a motorbike allows individuals to see more of the world every day.


If you’re thinking about becoming a delivery driver or courier you will need to know what is involved before taking the leap.


What qualifications do I need?


There are no specific qualifications necessary to become a self-employed driver. Many companies will ensure you have a clean driving licence before giving you work. However, apart from this, there is no specific qualifications necessary. 

How can I maximize my money?


You should have a good understanding of the roads. Sat Nav and GPS apps are great, but your own knowledge of  the roads and traffic times can help you deliver goods faster. The more you know about the a specific route, the more easily you will get around, meaning you will be able to do more jobs per day. So, if you tend to stay in the same 10 kilometer radius when delivering, we recommend you take some time out to learn that area. Faster routes means you are more fuel efficient, which will also save you money.

What commitments are involved?


It’s very important to protect yourself when you are self-employed. If you do not know much about book keeping, you should always ask for help from someone who does understand. This could be an accountant, relative or friend. It is important you are tax compliant, so ensure you do your research and pay your taxes correctly.

Do I need people skills?


Driving can be quite solitary, but it doesn’t hurt to be good at small talk. It is a never a bad thing to build relationships with companies you are delivering for. You will be coming into contact with different customers often. It never hurts to be polite and kind and it’s always gratifying to see someone smile. So although you may spend a lot of time alone, you should make the most of the time you do have dealing with people. It’s not essential, but it can help!


What do I need to become a delivery driver?


You will need to decide what equipment you will need to become a driver.  Always ensure you work out an average of your outgoings against your incomings. If you are riding or driving you will need to look at your tax, insurance, fuel and the costs of ensuring your vehicle is looked after and maintained regularly. Write down exactly what you will need and what you expect to earn and go from there.

Do I need a special type of insurance?


Yes, a typical insurance policy will not cover you while working. Make sure you speak to your insurance company and work out a solution to ensure you are covered while working. This is essential.


If you love being out and about and flexibility is important to you, then do what you love. Just make sure you take the correct steps and do your research about becoming a self-employed driver.