WeBringg has developed a technology and process that has turned traditional two to three day delivery wait times into 90 minute delivery. Our customers understand that this innovation is becoming necessary to every e-commerce merchant and restaurant everywhere. Picture this, a world where you can purchase any item online and receive it to your office, home or car in under 90 minutes! A world where you can track your item from the retailer to your desired destination.. Sounds pretty good to us.

Our customer, Martin’s off licence won ‘Dublin’s Best Off Licence 2018’ and we couldn’t be more excited to shout about their win. Martin’s Off Licence boasts a large range of spirits, beers and wines in all varieties and price points, making it the perfect off-licence for everyone. Martin’s is a family run business, it was founded in 1978 by Tom Martin and is now run by his two sons, Declan and Damian. Martin’s are passionate about their products and are happy to advise their customers on the perfect bottle. They have previously won the NOFFLA ‘Beer specialist of the Year in 2015 and 2016’ and the NOFFLA ‘Customer Service Award in 2012 and 2014. Their win in 2018 comes as no surprise to us here at WeBringg.

“It’s hard work paying off I suppose, This is the biggest award we’ve won so far to date, we’re all chuffed,” Damian Martin, co-owner of Martin’s Off license told us. “We have a huge range of stock, we have everything covered from your entry level budget wines to your higher end premium stock, we have a range of commercial beers to craft and harder-to-get beers and it’s the same with spirits” Martin’s Off Licence stock close to 100 different types of gins and well over 200 different types of whiskey with the numbers ever increasing. “We have the knowledge to back it up, we all have the courses done in store which is hugely important.”, Damian told us.

“We’re marking 40 years in September, it’s down to our history and our standing in the business, that speaks for itself.” Damian said, “My late father opened it up 40 years ago and now the second generation is running it, hopefully we’ll have a third generation running it in another 40 years.”  WeBringg are sure Martin’s will continue to soar in the future, their customer service is next to none and they are passionate about increasing this service, “We want to highlight that we have our partnership with WeBringg, we are able to bring your drink to your door within 90 minutes, which is a great offering,” Damian said, “It is definitely a great service and another aspect of service that we can bring to our customers, with the help of WeBringg.”

With innovation like this we are sure Martin’s Off Licence will see plenty of further success in the future.

Congratulations guys!