What does the term last-mile mean?


The last mile is a metaphor used to describe the movement of goods from a fulfillment centre to their final destination. In other terms, it’s the last part of a product’s journey before it arrives at your customer’s door. According to the New York Times, Sucharita Mulpuru of Forrester Research refers to the last mile as “the moment that matters.” She goes on to say,“Once you can own the moment that matters, you build a loyal customer base.”


For most consumers in Ireland, we spend a subordinate amount of time counting and estimating when a package will be delivered, particularly when ordering a gift or present that is needed within a certain time-frame. You are left staring at the computer screen, wondering whether to press that ‘click to pay’ button, what if the present doesn’t arrive in time? How many days from now is 3-5 working days if the weekend is coming up? What address should you order it to? you’re not in work next Thursday and the party is on Friday, you  quickly change your mind and press that ‘x’ button the top right hand of your screen and start planning a day you can go to a busy shop to buy an item similar even it will cost you more, because it would be embarrassing to show up without the present.


E-commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace. Though the ecommerce industry has matured rapidly, one surprising area of neglect is the delivery process. Retailers should understand that often stores are closer to consumers than many of their warehouses. For stores on a main street, the last mile is now the first mile for many consumers. If you can fulfill a customer’s order direct from the location of your store, you can eliminate many issues customer’s experience from traditional delivery and ensure your customer’s journey with your brand is seamless.


Consumers want instant gratification, their time is valuable. If you can offer them something your competitor cannot it will put you a step above the rest. Do you want to build the foundation for a customer that returns to your brand or product time and time again? WeBringg offers delivery within 90 minutes and your customer can track it from your store to their door. Retailers should understand that often stores are closer to consumers than many of their warehouses. They can judge exactly where they will be, and know they will not need to wait around for hours, forget days. WeBringg has a team of crowd-sourced drivers that have gone through the necessary backchecks to ensure your product is delivered with care. Your customer’s can rest assured knowing their product is in good hands. Your customer can track their order in real-time through a link sent to them through SMS, so they know exactly where their driver is and they know exactly where they will need to be in the given time-frame.


The future of delivery is here. Meet your customers’ demands and ensure every moment of their purchase is a moment that matters.