Perth Based Company Spatula Acquired By WeBringg

Perth Based Company Spatula Acquired By WeBringg

Spatula, the Perth based logistics technology company has been acquired by WeBringg. Spatula (a spinout of the University of Western Australia) helps companies give their customers and their team a fabulous ‘last mile’ experience. Uber, Dominos and other big players in last mile services have raised expectations of live tracking, and Spatula brings that to every company – small, medium or large, with low cost and no hassle.


WeBringg, the start-up same-day delivery service has been serving the e-commerce market since it’s debut in Ireland in April 2016. WeBringg has developed a technology and process that has turned traditional 3-5 day delivery into 90 minutes. WeBringg uses a fleet of crowd-sourced drivers to provide businesses with fast and effective last-mile delivery. WeBringg operates in Ireland, the UK, Australia and has recently began operating in New Zealand. Sean Murray, Co-Founder and CEO of WeBringg said  “We are delighted to welcome Spatula to the WeBringg family. The acquisition of Spatula by WeBringg strengthens our offering to the market. Andrew, Founder of Spatula and his team have developed a world-class SAAS product and our teams joining forces is a statement of our intent to become the last mile market leaders.”


Spatula provides technology to provide world-class, on-demand delivery services direct to restaurants along with other vendors. Spatula is designed for delivery teams to provide B2B delivery services for restaurants and vendors, helping them to provide efficient delivery to their customers.  With advanced AI capabilities and the opportunity for continual growth, the partnership between Spatula and WeBringg will help to service the growth for both companies. Andrew Walker, Founder and CEO of Spatula commented on the recent partnership, “WeBringg is a fast-moving company with a dynamic leadership team and great culture. We are excited to join the group. Spatula’s deep technology capabilities together with WeBringg’s proven last-mile excellence will set a new bar for delivery for the customer, the retailer and the brand.”


Spatula has been working tirelessly with WeBringg Ltd. to meet WeBringg’s complex data integration and customers common needs to ensure seamless real-time tracking for customers. WeBringg Ltd’s newly announced partnership and integration with Spatula helps perfect their infrastructure as they grow, accelerate and expand the business worldwide.

How Retailers Can Optimize Their Delivery Services

How Retailers Can Optimize Their Delivery Services

8 ways retailers can optimize their delivery services


In order to optimize delivery services for  every member of the delivery chain, there are a large number of things to consider. The delivery of a package can often be as important as the transaction itself, if a consumer feels the delivery is costing too much time or the price is too costly, they will often leave the checkout page before completing their transaction. So what are the main points retailers should consider in order to optimize their delivery service?


Evaluate Delivery Cut Off Times


Online sales usually peak between 8pm and 9pm, with Sundays and Mondays being the most popular days for shopping. Often, retailers offer their customers next-day delivery on orders placed before 5pm. Re-evaluating these next-day delivery times can help increase sales, taking into account the soar of sales made online in the evening time. In order to fulfil these delivery needs, you may need to offer same-day delivery to customers if an online order team cannot process the order after 5pm for the following day.


Inform Consumers and Carriers of Expected Busy Periods


If you have forecasted a busy period, such as Christmas and Black Friday, inform your consumers of expected delays.  Work with a logistics partner to manage peak delivery times, making as much effort as you can to forewarn couriers and customers of expected delays. Use a logistic provider to overcome these issues, make a plan with them to ensure as many packages are delivered on time as possible.


Offer Decent Return Services


Where possible, offer return services that support online sales. Doing so will increase sales if consumers are hesitant about making a purchase. Ensure you market your return services clearly on your e-commerce site so customers are aware of your good return services. Explore options to promote this return services over social media and email marketing and watch as sales slowly begin to increase.


Safe Packaging and Good Couriers


It may seem obvious to many retailers, but packages are often returned for faults and breakages during the delivery.  Many consumers will not repurchase an item if it has previously arrived damaged. Consumers will often direct the damage to the quality of the item rather than the unsteady delivery.  Ensure your package is boxed or wrapped safely before allowing the carriers to take it. If you outsource your delivery, consider choosing a smaller delivery company or a crowd-sourcing delivery company. A smaller company can ensure packages are taken care of during the last-mile of the process. Good couriers and decent packaging supports first time delivery success!


Offer Weekend Delivery


Weekend services may be the key to success and could lead to increased purchases. For many shoppers, the weekend is the most accessible time to receive a delivery. People often do not commit to the purchase when ‘3-5 working days’ are mentioned on a retail site. Explore as many delivery options as possible in order to support the needs of busy customers.  


Offer Real-Time Tracking


New technology may seem to be very expensive and difficult to implement, however, in the long term high class technology will drive efficiencies and actually reduce costs associated with the last-mile of the delivery.  Search for delivery providers who offer this technology and can integrate with your e-commerce or epos system. Offering your customers real-time tracking will easily put you a step above the rest and it will make for a consumer experience that is unique.


Balance Customer Service with Delivery Costs


Cost remains the most important element of online purchasing for customers of a consumer’s e-commerce experience. However, consumers will only value the quality of your service after they have experienced a bad delivery experience.  Ensure delivery costs and times stay consistent to ensure customer satisfaction. Consumers generally do not mind paying for an extremely good delivery service. Offer a timely, reliable and affordable delivery service to increase sales.


Have a Unique Delivery Selling Point.


Offer consumers something unique during the delivery process.  As logistic providers enter the delivery market, identify a unique selling point. This may mean a number of different things. You can offer great technology, great returns and delivery direct to the customer same day, there are so many ways to ensure you are #1 in the marketplace. Take advantage of the advancement of logistic services and offer consumers something new, exciting and innovative and watch online sales soar. There’s a reason why retail giants become giants… it’s usually innovation!

Working with WeBringg

Working with WeBringg

Since the beginning of 2018, WeBringg have seen a splurge in business, recruitment and opportunities internationally. Darragh Hickey, Market Development Manager for WeBringg has been working with the company since the early throes and has grown alongside it. As WeBringg have recently turned two, Darragh Hickey spoke briefly about his time with WeBringg and the growth the company has seen in the past two years.


Darragh started his journey with WeBringg as a part time employee in order to earn extra income in the Winter of 2016, “I had previously worked in a wide variety of businesses that ranged from 250 staff members to about 5 staff members.” Darragh said, “After a couple of months of working part-time with WeBringg, I was offered a full-time position as a Dashboarder. I was again promoted to my role as a Market Development Manager within the first year of my recruitment with the company.”


In the beginning stages of WeBringg launching its services in Dublin, the company housed very few employees. WeBringg has seen a recruitment growth of 575% since it’s launch in 2016, WeBringg now employs 27 people, with plans to increase this to 35 employees by the end of 2018. Darragh started with WeBringg long before the growth in staffing and has watched as the company expanded into the UK, Australia and New Zealand. “The growth pattern that WeBringg has seen over the last two years is simply meteoric,” Darragh said, “I really found with WeBringg that they want their employees to do well and they assist their employees in order for them to grow with the business.”


The role of Market Development Manager, Darragh explained, is that of a “Jack of all trades”. His role includes marketplace development, administration, sales, dashboard duties and customer relationship management. “I find the startup environment extremely challenging and mentally stimulating,” Darragh expressed, “The get-up-and-go attitude you need to work with WeBringg drives for a great workplace environment, it feels really good.”.


WeBringg has now begun planning for expansions internationally into a fifth and sixth country. As the recruitment process continues and you are interested in working with WeBringg keep an eye on the Facebook page here and the company blogpost here.

WeBringg Featured in The Biz Plus | April 3rd 2018

WeBringg Featured in The Biz Plus | April 3rd 2018

WeBringg was featured in The Biz Plus on the 3rd of April in the article ‘WeBringg Speeds Up Delivery Of Online Orders.’


The startup uses a team of crowdsourced drivers and cyclists to deliver products from shops and restaurants to online buyers. “We only do same-day and last-mile deliveries,” Hickey explains. “We aren’t inventing an industry — we’re are disrupting one of the oldest.”


WeBringg’s app platform can connect with point-of-sale systems and provides customers with real-time tracking. Revenue is derived from retailer charges. “What the retailer chooses to do by way of charge to the customer is up to them. Our price is based on flat fee and a per kilometre charge after 10km.”


You can read the rest of the article here.


Thank you to the Biz Plus for featuring us.

WeBringg featured in The Irish Examiner | Monday, March 18th

WeBringg featured in The Irish Examiner | Monday, March 18th

WeBringg, same-day delivery company, was featured in the Irish Examiner on Monday 19th of March in an article written by Ruth Dorris, “Irish startup makes same-day delivery a retail reality”.


While consumers have embraced the convenience of e-commerce, a huge drawback is the two to five days’ wait to have the purchased item delivered, according to Alan Hickey, co-founder of same-day delivery service, WeBringg.” writes Ruth.


““It was that old cliché of ‘isn’t that brilliant idea so simple?’. It was a case of stepping back and looking at something differently and having that ‘ah ha’ moment,” Mr Hickey said.”

“Amazon already offers a same-day delivery for members of its Prime service in the US and UK. It’s only a matter of time before the service is introduced in Ireland, Mr Hickey said. However, he doesn’t see the service as a direct competitor as Amazon is a marketplace and WeBringg is offering a service to retailers. “

You can check out the rest of the article on The Irish Examiner Website here: https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/business/irish-startup-makes-same-day-delivery-a-retail-reality-833182.html