WeBringg gives you a wide open space, there’s no limit to how many people you can talk to as a Driver manager.


Whatever your career ambitions are, there a growing number of ways to invest your time and efforts into WeBringg and reap the rewards. WeBringg has expanded momentously in 2017 and intends to go live in many more cities in the beginning of 2018, offering many people ways to earn extra cash and choose their own hours week by week. Robert Simpson, a driver manager in Dublin for WeBringg spoke to us about his role and quick progression with WeBringg. Robert started as a driver with WeBringg in February 2017 in Dublin, Ireland, “I first heard about WeBringg from Indeed.ie through my own research,  I had been doing a job that was 40- 50 hours a week plus 20 to 30 hours of college so I wanted to do something that was on my own time.” Robert told us,“Being a driver was relaxing for me, it was all on my own time. I had just gotten a new car and I loved it and I wanted to use it, now, my office is my car.”

Robert worked as a driver for just under 5 months before taking the initiative to expand his role to a driver manager to further his progression with WeBringg,  “I used to text, email and get in contact with the office regularly, I was like guys listen, I want to do more.” Robert sent his CV to Alan Hickey, a director at WeBringg and was given the position of Driver Manager within 5 months of his role as a driver, “The people working in WeBringg saw my essence with drivers and I had management experience, training, hiring, complaint management and so for me it was a fish to water situation”

With just over 150 drivers in Dublin alone, Robert spoke briefly about the ups and downs of the role as driver manager, “I didn’t want to walk into a job that’s easy, that’s boring to me. I wanted something where I think, ‘How can I figure this out’ and when one thing doesn’t work I’ll try it another way until it does work.” There is no limit to the extent of a driver manager’s job. Robert’s day to day tasks include dealing with drivers, driver recruitment training and customer service for restaurants and retailers both on the road an in an office.


The idea for WeBringg came from Alan Hickey and Sean Murray when they were at a party talking about last minute gifts and realised that there were no options to buy a gift and get it delivered on the same day in Ireland. This cheek in tongue idea translates into the company’s overall morals and values, “Management-wise there’s ups and downs but everyone is doing their own thing. We may have debates on what’s better to do but at least we have those debates. It’s a democracy.” Robert said when asked if he would recommend WeBringg to other drivers and driver managers, “In terms of structure and ideals it’s great for drivers and driver managers.”


The opportunity to meet people on the road is something that Robert is very passionate about “I’ve always had a very talkative personality.  I’ve worked in so many places and built up rapports with reps and regional managers but that was a corridor, you can only meet so many people.” Robert told us. “WeBringg gives you a wide open space, there’s no limit as to how many people you can talk to, it’s not just drivers or customers it might be someone walking past that looks at my jacket and asks ‘What is WeBringg’ and those people could be anyone, they could be board members of corporate companies or mothers passing by”


With plans to expand into three new cities in January of 2018, WeBringg opens up many opportunities for people both on and off the road. If you are interested in joining the WeBringg team of drivers, sign up today by clicking HERE


Watch this space as more roles are soon to be announced!