WeBringg featured in The Irish Examiner | Monday, March 18th

WeBringg featured in The Irish Examiner | Monday, March 18th

WeBringg, same-day delivery company, was featured in the Irish Examiner on Monday 19th of March in an article written by Ruth Dorris, “Irish startup makes same-day delivery a retail reality”.


While consumers have embraced the convenience of e-commerce, a huge drawback is the two to five days’ wait to have the purchased item delivered, according to Alan Hickey, co-founder of same-day delivery service, WeBringg.” writes Ruth.


““It was that old cliché of ‘isn’t that brilliant idea so simple?’. It was a case of stepping back and looking at something differently and having that ‘ah ha’ moment,” Mr Hickey said.”

“Amazon already offers a same-day delivery for members of its Prime service in the US and UK. It’s only a matter of time before the service is introduced in Ireland, Mr Hickey said. However, he doesn’t see the service as a direct competitor as Amazon is a marketplace and WeBringg is offering a service to retailers. “

You can check out the rest of the article on The Irish Examiner Website here: https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/business/irish-startup-makes-same-day-delivery-a-retail-reality-833182.html


Martin’s Off Licence

Martin’s Off Licence

WeBringg has developed a technology and process that has turned traditional two to three day delivery wait times into 90 minute delivery. Our customers understand that this innovation is becoming necessary to every e-commerce merchant and restaurant everywhere. Picture this, a world where you can purchase any item online and receive it to your office, home or car in under 90 minutes! A world where you can track your item from the retailer to your desired destination.. Sounds pretty good to us.

Our customer, Martin’s off licence won ‘Dublin’s Best Off Licence 2018’ and we couldn’t be more excited to shout about their win. Martin’s Off Licence boasts a large range of spirits, beers and wines in all varieties and price points, making it the perfect off-licence for everyone. Martin’s is a family run business, it was founded in 1978 by Tom Martin and is now run by his two sons, Declan and Damian. Martin’s are passionate about their products and are happy to advise their customers on the perfect bottle. They have previously won the NOFFLA ‘Beer specialist of the Year in 2015 and 2016’ and the NOFFLA ‘Customer Service Award in 2012 and 2014. Their win in 2018 comes as no surprise to us here at WeBringg.

“It’s hard work paying off I suppose, This is the biggest award we’ve won so far to date, we’re all chuffed,” Damian Martin, co-owner of Martin’s Off license told us. “We have a huge range of stock, we have everything covered from your entry level budget wines to your higher end premium stock, we have a range of commercial beers to craft and harder-to-get beers and it’s the same with spirits” Martin’s Off Licence stock close to 100 different types of gins and well over 200 different types of whiskey with the numbers ever increasing. “We have the knowledge to back it up, we all have the courses done in store which is hugely important.”, Damian told us.

“We’re marking 40 years in September, it’s down to our history and our standing in the business, that speaks for itself.” Damian said, “My late father opened it up 40 years ago and now the second generation is running it, hopefully we’ll have a third generation running it in another 40 years.”  WeBringg are sure Martin’s will continue to soar in the future, their customer service is next to none and they are passionate about increasing this service, “We want to highlight that we have our partnership with WeBringg, we are able to bring your drink to your door within 90 minutes, which is a great offering,” Damian said, “It is definitely a great service and another aspect of service that we can bring to our customers, with the help of WeBringg.”

With innovation like this we are sure Martin’s Off Licence will see plenty of further success in the future.

Congratulations guys!

WeBringg you 5 facts you need to know about E-Bikes

WeBringg you 5 facts you need to know about E-Bikes

At WeBringg, we encourage drivers to cycle an electrically assisted pedal cycles also known as E-bikes. Here are five reasons why you should be reaping the rewards of a pedal assisted E-Bikes.


1.They are fun to cycle.  

This one is pretty obvious, right? It doesn’t matter whether you are a regular cyclist or not, using an E-Bike takes the sting out of the strain of cycling. If you have never tried to pedal an electrically assisted pedal bike you will suddenly feel like you have super powers. You can now conquer any hill, mound or mountain that may have previously been too daunting.

2.E-Bikes increase health and fitness.

You may think a regular bike would be more beneficial to your health and fitness, this would be correct if you rode a regular bike as much as an E-Bike. In an experiment done by the European Journal of Applied Psychology, researchers gave out-of-shape men and women pedal assisted bikes. The results showed that all of the riders were generally fitter with less body fat after only one month of using an e-bike three times per week for forty minutes. Many of the subjects actually purchased an E-Bike after this claiming they were a ‘joy’ to cycle. With the pedal assisted electric bikes, they work in proportion to how much you pedal, giving you a low intense cardio session which you can sustain for a longer duration.

3.No more traffic.

If you are commuting to and from work at rush-hour there is no doubt you will be stuck in a long line of stationed cars at some stage. Using an E-Bike you can pass cars stuck in heavy traffic. If you are a delivery driver, there is nothing worse than sitting in traffic for thirty minutes while the hot food in your car gets cold. Using an E-Bike you can travel faster than an average bike, whilst still using the bike lanes.


4.You will save money by using an E-Bike.

The upkeep cost of an E-Bike is subsequently lower than a car. Young people pay extremely high insurance prices when driving a car so you could save thousands by choosing an E-Bike. If you live in a city you get around quicker and park for free, saving you money on parking cost too. If you spend a lot of money on taxis and public transport imagine the savings you can make cycling an E-Bike after the initial purchase of an E-Bike.


5.You are saving the world, one journey at a time.

You are reducing your carbon footprint by choosing an E-Bike over a car. An E-Bike is the most efficient and environment-saving quick transport method we have in today’s generation. Each time you commute on an E-Bike remember that you are saving the environment for future generations. E-Bikes can minimise noise, pollution and traffic congestion all at once.

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WeBringg Wins Best Start Up 2017 in The Fingal IBYE Local Awards.

WeBringg Wins Best Start Up 2017 in The Fingal IBYE Local Awards.

Sean Murray, CEO of WeBringg Ltd. was named winner of The Best Start-Up Business at the Fingal IBYE Local Awards. in a ceremony held in Swords County Hall, Co. Dublin. Sean Murray spoke about how he felt about winning this award and what it meant for WeBringg in the future.


“There were a few hundred companies who originally applied.” Sean said, “Five companies were then shortlisted and WeBringg was one of those companies.” The Fingal  IBYE competition is running for it’s fourth year and has attracted almost 1,500 applications throughout Ireland, all competing for the €2 million prize.


“We submitted a business proposal and gave a pitch to three dragons,” Sean said, “Then they judged the businesses under 20 different criterias.” All five companies who were shortlisted for the Best Start-Up Business attended a two-day bootcamp held in the Enterprise Ireland office prior to the ceremony, in which they were given advice on how to pitch for investments and general business advice for the betterment of their companies.


So what does winning this award mean for WeBringg? “It’s massive for WeBringg,” Sean said, “It gives potential new customers faith in what we are doing. It gives everyone working with us a boost of moral. We are an award winning company and we are doing great things.” WeBringg previously applied for the award in 2016, however, since then the company has seen a splurge in growth in both figures and staff. “When we applied for the award last year we had 3 members of full-time staff and one member of part-time staff. We now have a total of 27 members of staff in Ireland, the UK and Australia. The main aspect for us is the growth we have seen and the export potential of the company.”


The future looks bright for WeBringg as they intend to increase their business and staff levels in 2018, “The idea is to double what we are currently doing at the very least, to double what we are doing in Ireland, the UK and Australia.” Sean said, “We hope to potentially enter one new market, the plan is to go from operating in nine cities to 35 cities, we also intend to have 35 staff by the end of 2018.”


Sean Murray will now go on to represent Fingal at the Dublin regional competition on January 24th, 2018 for The Best Start-Up Business along with the two other winners for The Best Idea and The Best Established Business. 

We are sure WeBringg will bringg it!

WeBringg is launching a same-day delivery add-on for e-commerce sites.

WeBringg is launching a same-day delivery add-on for e-commerce sites.

Co-founded by Sean Murray and Alan Hickey, WeBringg wants to change the way goods move by crowd sourcing drivers to connect businesses and their customers in minutes rather than days. WeBringg is an on demand delivery platform aiming to disrupt traditional logistics and providing retailers with a new competitive edge.

Webringg connects retailers’ websites with their team of crowd sourced drivers to deliver online sales same day or within a 1 hour window of choice.

In recent times retailers have experienced pressure from a multitude of sources affecting both the E-commerce and in-store sales. Amazon has been a major threat for a number of years due to its economies of scale. However up to 2014 this threat was only applicable to products with a delivery time of 3-5 days. Since 2014 Amazon has targeted the next day and same day delivery market, Amazon are in the process of globally rolling out the Amazon Prime Now service where a customer can order anything from electronics to groceries to be delivered within 90 minutes.

WeBringg co-founder Sean Murray has said “Consumers are now expecting a lot more from their online purchases. They want instant gratification, the same feeling they get when they are in a store. The term omni-channel has been around for a few years but we are now seeing retailers understanding the importance of giving a consistent experience across all channels. This now applies to the delivery of online sales. When a customer buys online and selects a WeBringg delivery, they will receive their goods in minutes not in days, they can track their goods live on a map and see their drivers estimated time of arrival. This combination of speed, predictability and live tracking thrills customers and gives retailers a real competitive advantage.”

WeBringg can also provide ecommerce businesses with a returns delivery service, delivery management system and a “click and don’t collect” service.

Source: https://fora.ie/irish-retail-webringg-2857326-Jul2016/

An Irish startup wants to level the playing field between small retailers and giants like Amazon

An Irish startup wants to level the playing field between small retailers and giants like Amazon

A NEW DUBLIN-BASED company wants to beat Amazon to the punch and bring seamless same-day delivery to Irish online retailersAmazon Prime, a subscription service that offers consumers the chance to avail of guaranteed fast shipping of their purchased goods, has only launched in select areas of the UK and the US and is still not available in Ireland.

However WeBringg, which was founded in December and is launching this July, plans to get ahead of the curve and give retailers in the Republic the chance to offer crowd-sourced same-day delivery before the American behemoth eyes up these shores.

Its service will cost just under €7 per deliver with goods to be delivered in 24 hours to anywhere within a set radius from the retailer. In some cases, the company is promising delivery within 60 minutes.

Same-day delivery has been a key selling point that e-commerce giants like Amazon have used to tighten their grips on the online retail market, but WeBringg co-founder and chief executive Sean Murray said its services can help level the playing field.

“Our system can easily integrate into any e-commerce website and the customer-experience aspect is something that differentiates us from regular courier companies,” he said.

“When you get something delivered through a courier, you might know that it will be delivered that day, but you might not know when.

He added that the company already has nationwide pharmacy, grocery and off-licence chains on board and aims to have 50 retailers using the service by the end of the year.

Fleet of drivers

To turn a buck, the company takes a commission from the delivery fee, but the majority of the amount still goes to the driver.

Murray said WeBringg needs to hit a threshold of delivery drivers in the coming weeks so it can confidently assure retailers it will have a fleet of people on hand to deliver packages and keep up with demand.

He said the company expects to have 200 drivers on the books by next month and has bolstered its ranks by appealing to taxi drivers.

“We are recruiting via online adverts and also actively recruiting taxi drivers. They are already on the road and are very familiar with their localities. So we’re advertising in a taxi-industry magazine and also literally stomping down taxi ranks with leaflets and hiring taxi men.

“We currently have about 100 drivers on the system and we need to recruit another 100 within the next month, but in terms of capacity we have a core team of drivers who basically will cover set hours and set geographical areas so we can be confident that we have constant coverage.

Murray said he and fellow co-founder Alan Hickey plan to replicate the model in other Irish cities once the Dublin trial is finished. The company has received funding from an angel investor, although Murray wouldn’t reveal the investor’s identity.

“Dublin is first and we want to do three to six months minimum to make sure that the service is running like a well-oiled machine.

“Then the plan is to go to Cork, Galway, Limerick and Belfast next, with the aim of going to the UK market in 2017.”

source: https://fora.ie/irish-retail-webringg-2857326-Jul2016/