WeBringg completed RunAMuck Challenge in aid of ALONE Ireland

WeBringg completed RunAMuck Challenge in aid of ALONE Ireland

With our recent partnering with ALONE Ireland, a number of WeBringg’s employees decided to run (or rather scramble through) the 5.5km RunAMuck challenge on March 10th, 2018 in Coolcarrigan Estate, Co Kildare. Our aim is to raise €1,500 in aid of ALONE Ireland who truly are a wonderful organisation. ALONE provides Housing with Support, Support Coordination, Befriending and Campaigns for Change to hundreds of older people every week, who are homeless, socially isolated, living in deprivation or in crisis.


Nine employees in total ran from WeBringg with the first person getting to the finish line in 1 hour and 16 minutes coming in at place 852.  We consider that to be pretty good as there was a total of over 3,000 people who completed the RunAMuck challenge for charities throughout Ireland. Two of our clients from Snap Printing also took part in the challenge with us, in order to help us raise funds ALONE Ireland.


The RunAMuck challenge had many different obstacle courses in which we had to run, jump and climb through muck, water, ice, haystacks. Many of our team got stuck in the different terrains, with many losing shoes and falling face first into the bogs. It was a mucky yet rewarding experience for all our staff who left smiling.  Marty Moore, our sales and marketing executive said, “It was dirty and smelly, but I loved it!”


We would very much appreciate your kind donations which you can submit online here. These donations (no matter how small) will help to allow ALONE to continue to do the fantastic work they are currently doing. Thank you to all our fantastic employees who took part in the RunAMuck challenge and continue to raise funds to date.


You can read more about the RunAMuck challenge here, and be sure to check out their pictures on Facebook.

Photo credit to http://actionphotography.ie/



WeBringg becomes the new logistics arm for Menulog in New Zealand

WeBringg becomes the new logistics arm for Menulog in New Zealand

By WeBringg


WeBringg the on-demand crowdsourced delivery service have announced their launch in New Zealand, supplying delivery in under 90 minutes to partner companies such as Menulog,  New Zealand’s largest food-ordering platform.


WeBringg has developed a technology and process that has turned traditional 2-3 day delivery wait times into 90 minutes. WeBringg is the first Irish delivery company to offer same day delivery for retailers and restaurants. With a fleet of crowdsourced delivery drivers, WeBringg provides business’ with their own pod of drivers guaranteeing same day delivery to their customers.


WeBringg launched in Brisbane, Australia in July 2017 with food-ordering company MenuLog with the help of Enterprise Ireland with further plans to expand into New Zealand. WeBringg continues their pattern of consistent growth with an increasingly expanding base of satisfied customers with the newest addition being Auckland. WeBringg has partnered with New Zealand’s largest online takeaway and home delivery website. Sean Murray, CEO of WeBringg stated, “The main aspect for us is the growth and the export potential, the plan is to go from operating in nine cities to 35 cities in 2018”. For more information please visit: http://www.webringg.com/


WeBringg are in the recruitment stages in Auckland and are looking for drivers on bicycles, scooters and cars. WeBringg work in pods, allowing every driver to work in an allocated a location to maximize income while they work. WeBringg allows drivers to get out and about and interact within their community while getting paid. If you wish to join WeBringg’s team of drivers in Auckland, you can contact the facebook page here, or email the WeBringg team at teamanz@webringg.com. If your application is successful training days will be held on the 13th and 14th of March, 2018. You will receive all the information you need to get started with a fun and growing network during these training days.



Photo credit to: nzbusiness.co.nz