WeBringg Holding a Workshop with Phoenix Coaching

WeBringg Holding a Workshop with Phoenix Coaching

David Byrne, from Phoenix Coaching and Consultancy will be holding a workshop with WeBringg.


At WeBringg, we have recently opened up a number of new practices to support wellness at work such as yoga and healthy meals delivered. At the core of every good employee is a great and healthy workplace environment. With the right education, skills, tools and social support, people change behaviours.  These practices are proven to support more productive work. In order for us to increase motivation within the workplace, we will be having a workshop with David Byrne, from Phoenix Coaching and Consultancy on Monday, May 21st. David Byrne is an expert in leading coaching sessions and workshops. Phoenix Coaching and Consultancy hands on approach guarantees a profoundly positive effect on those who take part. Needless to say, we are excited to take part in this workshop and ensure every employee working with WeBringg can point their skills and tools in the right direction, and leave feeling more motivated than ever. ““We are so excited to have David Byrne in the office on Monday. I can’t wait for the team to experience his pzazz.” said Karl Coombes, COO at WeBringg.


Phoenix Coaching and Consultancy specialize in automotive coaching. They are experienced in partnering with clients to deliver measurable results. Their core values are people, process, productivity, performance and profit. David Byrne is highly rated and we very much look forward to his presence in the WeBringg office.


You can check out their website here.

Becoming a Self-Employed Delivery Driver

Becoming a Self-Employed Delivery Driver

Becoming a self-employed driver, rider or courier is increasing hugely internationally as e-commerce rises.


A huge benefit of becoming a self-employed delivery driver is the ability to choose your own workload. You can arrange your career around others aspects of your life. Many people shudder at the thought of being stuck indoors surrounded by the same walls all day, everyday. Driving, cycling or riding a motorbike allows individuals to see more of the world every day.


If you’re thinking about becoming a delivery driver or courier you will need to know what is involved before taking the leap.


What qualifications do I need?


There are no specific qualifications necessary to become a self-employed driver. Many companies will ensure you have a clean driving licence before giving you work. However, apart from this, there is no specific qualifications necessary. 

How can I maximize my money?


You should have a good understanding of the roads. Sat Nav and GPS apps are great, but your own knowledge of  the roads and traffic times can help you deliver goods faster. The more you know about the a specific route, the more easily you will get around, meaning you will be able to do more jobs per day. So, if you tend to stay in the same 10 kilometer radius when delivering, we recommend you take some time out to learn that area. Faster routes means you are more fuel efficient, which will also save you money.

What commitments are involved?


It’s very important to protect yourself when you are self-employed. If you do not know much about book keeping, you should always ask for help from someone who does understand. This could be an accountant, relative or friend. It is important you are tax compliant, so ensure you do your research and pay your taxes correctly.

Do I need people skills?


Driving can be quite solitary, but it doesn’t hurt to be good at small talk. It is a never a bad thing to build relationships with companies you are delivering for. You will be coming into contact with different customers often. It never hurts to be polite and kind and it’s always gratifying to see someone smile. So although you may spend a lot of time alone, you should make the most of the time you do have dealing with people. It’s not essential, but it can help!


What do I need to become a delivery driver?


You will need to decide what equipment you will need to become a driver.  Always ensure you work out an average of your outgoings against your incomings. If you are riding or driving you will need to look at your tax, insurance, fuel and the costs of ensuring your vehicle is looked after and maintained regularly. Write down exactly what you will need and what you expect to earn and go from there.

Do I need a special type of insurance?


Yes, a typical insurance policy will not cover you while working. Make sure you speak to your insurance company and work out a solution to ensure you are covered while working. This is essential.


If you love being out and about and flexibility is important to you, then do what you love. Just make sure you take the correct steps and do your research about becoming a self-employed driver.


WeBringg wins Aer Lingus TakeOff Foundation Start-Up Awards

WeBringg wins Aer Lingus TakeOff Foundation Start-Up Awards

WeBringg was named winner of the Aer Lingus TakeOff Foundation Start-Up Awards on May 4th 2018. The Aer Lingus TakeOff Foundation teamed up with the Fingal Dublin Chamber and the Local Enterprise Office in Fingal to award three talented business owners the opportunity to expand their reach internationally. The initiative targeted startups based in Fingal who had been trading for over 18 months but for no more than three years.


WeBringg offers retailers, small businesses and restaurant partners same-day delivery with a large team of crowdsourced drivers, turning traditional 2-3 day delivery into 90 minutes. “Aer Lingus wanted to support startups in Fingal,” said Alan Hickey, co-founder of WeBringg, “It was a really interesting category to be in, we had essentially been shortlisted with companies we had been toe to toe with for the last number of months in the IBYE competition.”


The prize package received by each winning start-up consists of a number of European and long-haul international flights with Aer Lingus and a business mentoring with key staff members across a large range of Aer Lingus business departments, along with exposure in the airline’s magazine, Cara. “When you are a globally focused company like WeBringg, you can very quickly underestimate costs and challenges,” said Alan Hickey, “When we heard about the Aer Lingus TakeOff Foundation Start-Up Awards, we were excited at the thought of plugging into key executives in Aer Lingus to help expand WeBringg and the flights will really help us with that process.”


“Aer Lingus is an Irish brand but it’s market is global,” Alan Hickey said, “I think they saw a start-up based in Fingal who has similar global focus but a far earlier stage and I imagine that was one of the winning factors.” WeBringg currently operates in Ireland, The UK, Australia and New Zealand with plans to expand into further countries rapidly. “WeBringg is a total volume game and land grab, we’re not at the races if we are not thinking ‘new city, new city, new city’ all the time which correlates with Aer Lingus.”


Alan Hickey, co-founder and Sean Murray, co-founder of WeBringg will be attending the Mentoring day on June 22nd and the lasting effects of winning in the Start-Up Awards with the TakeOff Foundation for AerLingus have not worn off, “It was truly a great opportunity to win a prize like this and to be associated with Aer Lingus, arguably the largest international company Ireland has ever produced.”


WeBringg have recently been named winner of ‘Best Start-Up Business’ in Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur, you can check out our blog post about it here.  WeBringg have also entered the National Enterprise Awards which will take place on May 25th.

WeBringg Takes Crown for ‘Best Startup’ in IBYE Competition

WeBringg Takes Crown for ‘Best Startup’ in IBYE Competition

WeBringg has been named ‘Best Startup Business’ in Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur 2018 (IBYE) in a competition held by Ireland’s Local Enterprise Office in Google Headquarters  on Sunday the 22nd of April. WeBringg provides businesses with delivery in under 90 minutes and is the first company in Ireland to offer a last-mile solution to small businesses, retailers and large chains by using a team of crowdsourced drivers.


Childhood friends, Alan Hickey and Sean Murray  developed the idea for WeBringg in late 2016 at a party when they were discussing their forgotten wives’ birthday presents. With a resounding yes from peers when asked if they would like if they were offered same-day delivery, Alan and Sean began to build the initial stages for WeBringg.  Today, WeBringg operates in Ireland, The UK, Australia and New Zealand and employs a total of 27 staff members with plans to increase this to 35 by the end of 2018.


“IBYE was the first national award WeBringg have won. We now have national recognition.” Alan Hickey, co-founder of WeBringg said, “To be named ‘Best Start-Up’ in the country, with the calibre of competition we were up against is phenomenal.” WeBringg are assured further opportunities will begin to flood in, since their win on April 22nd. “We found within a couple of days, people were calling us to say ‘wow, well done’.” Alan said, “We always knew we were at the top of our game but now third parties have looked in under the bonnet and have independently said that they also agree.”


The Local Enterprise Office holds the IBYE competition each year with three categories with one overall winner within these categories. The three categories consist of ‘Best New Idea’, ‘Best Start-Up Business’ and ‘Best Established Business’ with WeBringg taking the title for ‘Best Start-Up Business’ of 2018. Conor O’Loughlin was named the overall IBYE winner under the category for ‘Best Established Business’ with his company Glofox, a gym and studio management software. Brendan Boland was named winner of ‘The Best New Idea’ category with his company Loci Orthopaedics, an innovative orthopaedic thumb implant.


Last year, WeBringg had taken place in the 2017 IBYE competition and did not make it past the first regional part of the competition, “We were up against people like Everest Granola and Strong Roots. It showed us what we needed to be.” Alan said. “You have to be robust, the judging panel as a whole is looking for a startup that’s sustainable. We learnt that.”


Why did WeBringg win the 2018 IBYE awards? “I think judges saw that we had come across an opportunity that we were able to exploit and take advantage of here in Ireland as well as overseas.” Alan said, “I know it’s called Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur, but it was never a singular award for us. WeBringg are a team, it didn’t matter what member of staff was up there pitching for the IBYE competition, it was the simple concept of our business.”


What does winning ‘Best Start-Up Business’ in the IBYE competition mean for the future of WeBringg? “We now have something as credible and recognisable as IBYE behind us when we go into meetings or pitches or any opportunity. For us, as a young and innovative company, it was a really good category for us to have been in and won.”


You can check out out previous blog post about the regional competition here: http://webringg.com/webringg-wins-best-start-2017-fingal-ibye-local-awards/


Photo Credit: Mark Stedman


Working with WeBringg

Working with WeBringg

Since the beginning of 2018, WeBringg have seen a splurge in business, recruitment and opportunities internationally. Darragh Hickey, Market Development Manager for WeBringg has been working with the company since the early throes and has grown alongside it. As WeBringg have recently turned two, Darragh Hickey spoke briefly about his time with WeBringg and the growth the company has seen in the past two years.


Darragh started his journey with WeBringg as a part time employee in order to earn extra income in the Winter of 2016, “I had previously worked in a wide variety of businesses that ranged from 250 staff members to about 5 staff members.” Darragh said, “After a couple of months of working part-time with WeBringg, I was offered a full-time position as a Dashboarder. I was again promoted to my role as a Market Development Manager within the first year of my recruitment with the company.”


In the beginning stages of WeBringg launching its services in Dublin, the company housed very few employees. WeBringg has seen a recruitment growth of 575% since it’s launch in 2016, WeBringg now employs 27 people, with plans to increase this to 35 employees by the end of 2018. Darragh started with WeBringg long before the growth in staffing and has watched as the company expanded into the UK, Australia and New Zealand. “The growth pattern that WeBringg has seen over the last two years is simply meteoric,” Darragh said, “I really found with WeBringg that they want their employees to do well and they assist their employees in order for them to grow with the business.”


The role of Market Development Manager, Darragh explained, is that of a “Jack of all trades”. His role includes marketplace development, administration, sales, dashboard duties and customer relationship management. “I find the startup environment extremely challenging and mentally stimulating,” Darragh expressed, “The get-up-and-go attitude you need to work with WeBringg drives for a great workplace environment, it feels really good.”.


WeBringg has now begun planning for expansions internationally into a fifth and sixth country. As the recruitment process continues and you are interested in working with WeBringg keep an eye on the Facebook page here and the company blogpost here.